Universal in Flight Airplane Phone




Price: $17.99 - $12.97
(as of May 31, 2023 05:49:02 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Perilogics EBC header phone holder 2 packPerilogics EBC header phone holder 2 pack

Perilogics phone holder 2pk EBC 1Perilogics phone holder 2pk EBC 1

Perilogics phone holder EBC 3Perilogics phone holder EBC 3

Perilogics phone holder EBC 5Perilogics phone holder EBC 5

Perilogics phone holder EBC 4Perilogics phone holder EBC 4

Perilogics phone holder EBC 2Perilogics phone holder EBC 2

Perilogics phone holder EBC 6Perilogics phone holder EBC 6

✈️ Strong clamp to mount your phone to table, luggage handle, gym equipment or any objects up to 1.5 inch wide.
✈️ Dual joints with 360 degrees rotation gives you flexibility for best viewing angle. Vertically or horizontally.
✈️ Compatible to multiple phone sizes from an iPhone Mini to an iPhone 14 Pro Max or Samsung Note 20 Plus.
✈️ We hope you find many more fun uses of this little gadget. We take great pride offering quality products and would appreciate an opportunity to resolve any issues you may have.